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GHM2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of this site?
Yes, there are pictures of naked babes here but hopefully this site will also break down some preconceptions we make about people. It's also been said that this site also makes a fun drinking game.

How can I submit photos?
Send at least 2 images with your submission. Images may be jpg, bmp, gif(no animated), or png and size must be 800×600 pixels or larger. Anything else will be discarded.
1st image MUST be clothed/covered. 2nd image MUST show Vagina/uncovered. Remaining images will be used as bonus images, Boobs, Butt and Insertions are always a nice bonus. Email your submission to this address: GuessHerMuff (at)
To submit you must be over 18, and anyone else that is shown in your pictures must be 18 years of age or older.

How do I get an image removed?
This site isn't here to make anybody look bad. If you are the owner of an image show here and would like it to be removed, please send an Email to GuessHerMuff (at) with Girl Number with a clear message stating ownership and/or the reason of the request and also leave a clear & concise message in the comment section of the post in question stating the reason and it will be removed.

Why are there missing numbers?
The missing numbers are images/posts that have been removed.

How does the Hall of Fame section work?
The top vote getters with 4 1/2 stars or greater after receiving 100 votes will be added to the Hall of Fame.

HoF entry will be updated after every 100 girls.

Are comments moderated?
Yes, a level of decorum has to be set at some point. Threatening comments, racist comments, SPAM, or posting of personal info of the person in the image will be deleted. Overly rude comments (i.e. referring to the female as male or comparisons to an animal) will also be removed.

My comment was deleted, what happened to freedom of speech and First Amendment rights?
You may certainly express your opinion on your own platform; GHM 2.0 has no obligation to carry your comments here.

Can I post links to more pictures of a girl in the comments section?
Yes, links are allowed but they must be to the direct gallery of the girl in the post. Links to sites with excessive pop-ups, sites that require registration, and sites that have previously spammed this blog will be deleted.

Can I post a link to my own site in the comments section?
Links are allowed by using the 'Name/URL' field available in the comments section. Links directly in the comments are prohibited.

How come the rating system is not always there?
It appears that the rating system does not work consistently with Firefox (works for IE). Refreshing the page or going to the individual post's page (by clicking on the post title) will sometimes fix the problem. Hopefully Blogger will fix this bug soon.

How can I stay connected and get more from GHM 2.0?
Try using the site's multiple free online resources at:


Anonymous said...

Why not a category of hairy pussy girls? Would love to see that.

Layla Karapinskia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Layla Karapinskia said...

Or bare body?

dualpurpose said...

The scoring function has been missing for almost a week now. Are you fixing it?

dualpurpose said...

Have not been able to score the ladies since 3819. Is anyone working on a fix?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hot girl! The girls normally smile but this one has quite a matter of fact face, almost stern. Makes quite a sexy contrast to the availability of her orifices.

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