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1 Mar 2013: Test your knowledge of the female celebrity booty by guessing who that ass belong to... Try it now at the Guess That Ass website!

15 Feb 2013: Sorry folks, but the same thing that happened to the original Guess Her Muff blog a few weeks ago as happened to GHM2.0 recently. The Guess Her Muff 2.0 blog was flagged as SPAM by Google and was removed from Blogger. Only a 15 minute prior notice was given before GHM2.0 was taken offline. We applied for a review to have the it restore however the process took several days. 

8 Sep 2012: MILF politician in Spain Olvido Hormigos Carpio leaked masturbation video download: Read more about this hot European sex scandal at:

2 Jan 2012: Happy New Year, everyone! GHM2 hope you have a great 2012. And hoping you keep sharing those warm muffs with us.

17 Oct 2011: This website is having serious problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer... Try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for a faster and better browser experience viewing GHM2. For example, the star ratings work fine in Chrome and Firefox but not on Explorer.

25 Augest 2011: For your convenience you can now use to access GuessHerMuff 2.0 starting today. Thats dot NET... For just the sweet low price of $50 plus fees and registration the Admin of GHM 2.0 was able to acquire the domain name from a reseller. Please update your links and bookmarks to

9 July 2011: Guess Her Muff 2.0 is back up to speed! Sorry for the inconvenience... A social network script from Yahoo's Mybloglog was slowing down GHM2 but it as been removed. Yahoo recently shutdown Mybloglog so the server for the once wonderful service was not responding to the script thus delaying the downloading of GHM2.

30 June 2011: Please follow Guess Her Muff 2.0 on Twitter. Don’t miss any updates from GHM2 and get your daily dose of muff in a timely manner. And just in case GHM2 have to move again, the new location will be posted on

13 May 2011: Sorry for no new posts in the last 24 hours. Blogger has been experiencing severe service disruption since Wednesday night. While access has been recently restored, some posts and comments from the previous day are still missing. Hopefully they will be back up soon... But new updates will resume shortly!

27 Apr 2011: First FB fan page for GHM2.0 was removed but a new one was created. Please join our new Facebook fan page here.

29 Mar 2011: Original GHM2.0 blog was restored by Blogger/Google.

20 Mar 2011: Thanks to DOES SHE LIKE IT? for supporting GHM2.0 after the relocation.

19 Mar 2011: Relocation complete.

18 Mar 2011: Request restore and filed an appeal with Google but must relocate in the meanwhile.

18 Mar 2011: Blog removed by Blogger/Google.

15 Mar 2011: Pray for Japan, Please donate what you can
to help the people of Japan.

7 Mar 2011: Happy Women's Day!

14 Feb 2011: Happy Valentine Day!

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Anonymous said...

Why was there a step backward in numbers? (GHM1 got up to #3917, the first on GHM2 seems to be #3777.)

For what it's worth, I say #3900 is your all-time number one babe. It would be a shame not to have her reappear in the archives.

Anonymous said...

Just new to this site, but my favorite muff is natural. Could not find that or anything similar to that. My email is

Please advise

dualpurpose said...

i would like to see the rating system again. Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

Please put the "newer post" and "older Post" buttons at the top of the page. I hate to have to scroll through all those juvenile comments just to get to them.

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